Kanazawa’s Higashiyama district is perpetuating the old-time Kaga culture. Here at the “Higashiyama Sho,” guest house, why not take the time to enjoy this old-time charm at a leisurely pace? “Higashiyama Sho,” is a traditional lodging house where guests rent the entire house, the style of which carefully preserves the culture and traditions from long ago. The Juraku stucco walls are painted in bright vermillion and ultramarine; wickerwork and reed matting create geometrical patterns on the ceilings; Kumiko latticework has been lavishly created through artisans’ meticulous techniques; enjoy refreshing views of the traditional inner garden from the parlor—here it is possible to have ample, lively conversation with those precious to you while simultaneously experiencing the culture of Kaga.

Meaning imbued in the name “Higashiyama Sho,”

At the “HIGASHIYAMA SHO,” traditional lodging house, the Japanese character for Sho in the guest house’s name means “joyous” or “omen of good fortune.” The comma at the end of the name indicates that our story is not yet complete; that is, our story will continue and expand in the future. From this lodging house to our guests, this is the meaning imbued in the name we selected for our guest house.



Reservations / Use

*Please make your reservation up to three weekdays before your stay via telephone or through our website.

1. Check-in
We will ask for your check-in time in advance and our staff will be on hand at “HIGASHIYAMA SHO,” at the designated time to carry out the check-in procedures.
2. Key
After the check-in procedures have been completed, the staff will explain to you about the “HIGASHIYAMA SHO,” facilities, provide you with information about the neighborhood, and tell you the code for the numeric keypad.
3. Stay
Until your check-out time, you are free to come and go as you please. Please enjoy the guest house facilities to the fullest.
4. Check-out
Check-out is by 11:00 a.m. When you leave the guest house, please notify the staff and be sure to lock the door behind you.


Bath towels Face towels
Shampoo Conditioner
Body soap Hand towels
Toothbrushes Hairbrushes
Conditioning shampoo Shaving razor
Bar soap Ladies’ set
(cotton pads, cotton swabs, and hair band)
Knives Cutting board
frying pans Pots
Bowls Colander
Wine cooler Ice bucket
Sake cups Sake decanter
Coffee mugs Cups
Plates (large, medium, and small) Rock glasses
Electrical appliances
Mini refrigerator Microwave oven
Oven toaster Two-burner IH stove
Electric kettle Bluetooth speaker
Dryer Wireless LAN)
Yukata Kimono Geta (Japanese footwear)
Writing instruments Umbrellas

Project Affiliates


Mita Ju Atelier


Ryosuke Murasaki Architects

Furniture・Lighting Direction


Fascility Direction

ASLEEP・Heart House Inc.

Material Direction


Graphic Design

Kayo Kokubun


Koshimori Photo Office

Reading Direction

Aundo Honpo

Food Supply

Kanazawa Warajiya

Contents Direction

United Communications Inc.


Yusuke Nakamura


Mitaju Atelier Ltd.・Yoshimi Kenchiku


Dash Ltd.